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David Broome is the Executive Director of Scion Bred. David worked for the RSA group for 41 years including several periods located overseas. His most notable achievement was the creation and growth of the RSA Global Network from January 1996 to his retirement from the group in June 2013 when the RSA Global Network was handling in excess of £250m of annual premiums across 152 countries and had added considerably to the net asset value of the RSA Group.

David's career resume is available here



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David has supported the Multinational programme at QBE for the past two years.  During this time he has provided subject matter expertise and team leadership to the Global Network work stream.  David’s knowledge, personal network and willingness to work so collaboratively have brought great value to the programme.  The team have enjoyed working with him and have learned a great deal through the process.  I have also been pleased to rely on David as a trusted advisor.

Simon Plumridge,
Global Head of Multinational
QBE Insurance Group Limited



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David has worked with OneBeacon for the past two years on the development of an International Network Program. David provided counsel on everything from the initial business plan, to business agreement construction and guidance on communication with potential local partners. He traveled extensively with us in Europe and Asia, providing personal introductions and valuable insight on local customs and relationships as we met and evaluated potential partners to assess their “fit” with our Program. He is very collaborative and our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with him. David has been an invaluable asset throughout this process. I would highly recommend Scion Bred to anyone seeking expertise and guidance on Multinational Insurance.

Paul Heidel,
Northwest Region and International Vice President
OneBeacon Technology Insurance


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We engaged with David in 2015 to gain his expert insight into the strategic planning for our International Business proposition. As this was a new venture for Swiss Re Corporate Solutions it was critical that both the research in to this complex market space and the subsequent analysis was as robust as possible and the thinking had been challenged from all perspectives. With David's extensive knowledge and experience in this field his input was crucial for the development of the plan, in addition his input and drive proved to be essential across many planning meetings.

As we have moved through the project over the last 18 months David has also been instrumental in the development and the Global Network strategy and more specifically the build out of the Global Network in Latin America. His advice and direction to the Head of International Business and The Global Network Team has been first class and enabled the project to gain significant momentum, not just in Latin America but also the rest of the world.

David's professional approach to all aspects of this engagement has provided the confidence to move the proposition forward. Needless to say his connections and network around the world are second to none and his constant attention to detail have proved to be invaluable to me as the Head of International Business. I would have no reservations in recommending David's consultation services on all matters concerning International Business.

Chris Hart,
Chris Hart Head of International Business | DIRECTOR
Swiss Re Management Ltd


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The Sompo group have worked with David Broome, as a representative of the RSA group and the mutual long term partnership, since 1988. We have always enjoyed an excellent relationship and understanding of each company's ideals through David's professionalism and transparency to work for the best outcomes for both companies. When David retired from RSA in 2013, we were keen to secure his services as a NED in our SJNK (Europe) subsidiary, and David joined us in the Chairman's role. In the past 4 years we have enjoyed steady performance and excellent governance by the Board who have ensured that SJNKE has operated compliantly to the satisfaction of the PRA and the shareholder. This result has been in no small part to the way in which David has been able to forge relationships with the CEO, Executive and other NED's.

Subsequent organisational changes have necessitated SJNKE being subsumed by Sompo International and it is with regret that we will no longer be able to utilise David's natural expertise.

We definitely support the view that David has all the skills and experience to play a proper part in any Insurance company Board as a NED and /or Chairman.

Atsushi Mizuguchi
Managing Executive Officer
Sompo Holdings, Inc.